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From: Sazon (
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 23:40:00 PST

Dear Mike and Eugene,

Your comments on hollywoods films are very interesting. When I read Eugene's
comment I was about to agree, then Mike's surprise brought another issue:
Is it that we ignore the socio-cultural context if it is not familiar to us?
I think probably we do at the level of perceptions and emotions. Probably,
unfamiliar context doesn't contribute much to meaning interpretation, though
it is informative by itself.
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Subject: hollywood's context

> Eugene. You genuinely surprised me. If I understood you correctly, you
> said that hollywood films could be understood without knowing their
> history and sociocultural context?
> Is that what you meant to say? I'll respond depending on answer, but
> I am still experiencing international women's day/week/time. Saw a
> HOLLYWOOD film today without a signal male in it. incredibly interesting,
> ahistorical though, perhaps it will turn out to have been.
> mike

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