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The article is also in Cole et al. (eds), Mind, Culture, and Activity:
Seminal papers from LCHC. Cambridge University Press.
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>Thanks for the Goody article, yes, it's still pertinent in the 21st
>century, but, pages 55, 56, 57, are missing (the first 3 pages of the article)!
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>Subject: International Women's Day
>Monday the World Celebrates International Women's Day. Seems only
>fitting that we alot a bit of our attention to an occasion which seems
>to garner more attention outside of the U.S. then inside.
>There are many websites which provide general information on the event.
>For a view from what we northhemispherites call "down under" see
> or just browse through google.
>For a sobering discussion of male violence against women written by
>Esther Goody, and outstanding Anglo-American (or American-Anglo, I
>am not sure which), I warmly recommend her article, available for
>the clicking, at
>The article is entitled "Why must might be right? Observations on sexual
>herrschaft. It was published in the last years of the last millenium, but
>still offers a lot of food for thought.
>If people find the article interesting, I could try to get Professor Goody,
>whose current work is focused in Ghana, to join the discussion.

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