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Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 19:58:28 PST

Dear everybody-

I just have heard on Russian TV (in news devoted to the International
Women's Day) that in Russian small and medium business, 89% of leaders are
women - the highest rate in the world.

The Russian anchor made a comment that this is very paradoxical statistics
taking into consideration the patriarchic nature of Russian society.


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> Ditto Mike,
> It's very depressing. I'd also add, but am unsure how, the whole
biological area to point 3,
> what drives the perpetrators, perhaps something about sexual or hormonal
> "drives"? So where's the balance with culture? fear/envy?
> In her footnotes Goody (referring to Gialombardo, 1966, 1967)describes the
> between men and women in prison. In contrast to men's prisons homosexual
aggression is
> virtually non-existent in women's prisons, despite homosexuality being a
preoccupation of
> both men and women prisoners. Interesting. And my boy dog tries to
sexually dominate
> other boy dogs, ignoring the females. How is that explained,
biologically, or socially
> ?(culturally?)
> Another point is the link between knowledge and power that relates to your
second point.
> Victims learning and accepting the cultural idealogies that surround...and
> dominate...and deny them power/knowledge.
> However, I guess that as opportunities arise, we can make small changes at
a personal level,
> or at least try to; by questioning and challenging existing
ideaologies,...widening our views
> of knowledge.
> The article is very thought provoking (yes, depressing). And why cannot I
not get the first 3
> pages through the web link?
> Thanks
> Sophie
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> what would you say the main points are that stand out for you in the
> Goody article, Sophie?
> I would offer three which im/de-press me.
> 1. The phenomenon of male violence against females appears to qualify
> as a human universal-- its found among many people in about every society
> documented.
> 2. The victims adopt an ideology which allows them to treat such behavior
> as acceptable.
> 3. The perpetrators are driven, very often, by fear/envy, itself wrapped
> in ideology.
> So, what, on Women's Day, 2004, can we/should we be doing differently to
> take back that long, dark, night?
> mike

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