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Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 13:19:13 PST

Thanks for the Goody article, yes, it's still pertinent in the 21st century, but, pages 55, 56, 57, are missing (the first 3 pages of the article)!

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Subject: International Women's Day

Monday the World Celebrates International Women's Day. Seems only
fitting that we alot a bit of our attention to an occasion which seems
to garner more attention outside of the U.S. then inside.

There are many websites which provide general information on the event.
For a view from what we northhemispherites call "down under" see or just browse through google.

For a sobering discussion of male violence against women written by
Esther Goody, and outstanding Anglo-American (or American-Anglo, I
am not sure which), I warmly recommend her article, available for
the clicking, at

The article is entitled "Why must might be right? Observations on sexual
herrschaft. It was published in the last years of the last millenium, but
still offers a lot of food for thought.

If people find the article interesting, I could try to get Professor Goody,
whose current work is focused in Ghana, to join the discussion.

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