April 12 plans

From: Mike Cole (mcole@weber.ucsd.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 09:41:41 PST

I have been trying to arrange a way to have folks interested in seeing
5th Dimensions in operation and/or simply discussing with each other in
a relaxed atmosphere to spend monday afternoon, April 12, in Solana Beach.

This plan arises because I will only be in San Diego through Tuesday owing
to unforseen circumstances and many people have indicated an interest in
conversation and/or visiting a 5thD. There will be an international group
of 5th researchers here that morning, and they, too will be interested.

So, I put out the idea of having an open house in the afternoon at our house
which is close to 3 versions of the 5th D and which could be used as a
snacking and chatting locale. Judy quite corretly pointed out the problem
of transportation, which I cannot organize, let alone subsidize. But I have
checked and there is a commuter train from our local station to the santa
fe station near the convention center at 5:17 that evening which arrives
at 5:57 and ought to allow everyone to make it to the business meeting of the
ch-sig, which I also did not count on.

It will be a jammed packed day, but if there is sufficient interest, there are
plenty of trains to get folks to our local station. Those of us with cars
can pick people up and drop them off locally, and those with feet can even
walk from the station to the local sites of activity.

If you think you would be interested in such activities, would you please
email peggy at pbengel@ucsd.edu. She will guage the amount of interest and
we will go from there.


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