AERA/Monday April 12

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 15:52:10 PST

Dear Colleagues,

    For unexpected reasons, I will be away from San Diego starting April 14.
There is a meeting of 5th Dimension colleagues at LCHC on the morning of the
12th (Monday) after which a goodly number of people have asked if they could
visit the 5th Dimensions in Solana Beach (3 should be running at that time).
    As a means of being able to chat in a friendly and informal way, see
the 5th Dimensions for those who want to, and do so on a non-binding
schedule, the Coles invite any who are so inclined to stop by our house
during Monday afternoon. We will try to provide some sort of food, depending
upon how many people wish to stop by, and folks can come and go as they
    In order to get some idea of many people are interested, would you please
RSVP to Peggy and Also, would someone please forward
this note to the sig membership.
    Lets hope the weather is as nice as it is today, when you can see forever
and the sound of birds is clear, but not so loud as to prevent good
PS-- If you are unfamiliar with the geography, the Cole house is about 20
miles north of the San Diego airport and 2 minutes from any of the 5thD

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