Honorine Nocon

Assistant Professor
Initial Professional Teacher Education
School of Education
University of Colorado, Denver
P.O. Box 17334 UCD Box 106
Denver, CO 80217-3364
Phone 303-556-8450
fax 303-556-4782

Honorine Nocon, Ph.D. Communication, UCSD, joined the faculty at CU Denver after several years as a researcher at LCHC, where she worked with local and international coalitions adapting the Fifth Dimension Model in diverse contexts. This included doctoral work with the Coalition Project and the related Magical Dimension project. Interest in the particular needs of children from low-income households living in affluent areas led to work with the Explorer's Dimension and an action research collaborative linking schools, community agencies and university.

At CU Denver, Nocon works with the professional development of teacher candidates and faculty at an urban partner school. She specializes in ESL, Bilingual-Education, and the role of culture in learning. Before coming to UCSD, she worked with San Diego State University's National Language Resource Center, LARC . While at UCSD she collaborated with LARC on language-oriented projects based on the Fifth Dimension, including the Fifth Dimension Language Acquisition Project.

Nocon's research focuses on development in diversity, with particular emphasis on post-secondary learners and local and global university-community-school collaboration. She is an external ethnographer with the European Fifth Dimension's School of Tomorrow Project and a participant in an EU-USA project that supports the exchange of students and practitioners between US and EU campuses working with the Fifth Dimension Model.

Nocon is also a member of CU Denver's Laboratory of Learning and Activity, LOLA, which engages doctoral students in community-based action research informed by systems and socio-cultural theory. Current projects include investigation of action research and the Fifth Dimension Models as tools for change in individuals, institutions, and communities.

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