Noah Finkelstein

Lab of Comparative Human Cognition
858 534 7198

[last updated 10/02]

I am a physicist who has turned his attention to creating and studying conditions which promote students' interest and ability in physics, education and the intersection of these domains. I am deeply committed to blending research, teaching, and community partnership. However, for the sake of this web-page, I'll create some (artificial) boundaries.


Web pages and descriptions of classes designed and taught at UCSD and High Tech High School

Projects / Programs

Programs such as after-school clubs, informal science programs, graduate training efforts, and conferences

Research / Papers

A discussion of my research efforts and some sample papers (including some student work).

Bio / CV

A description of my past and professional face


A description of my illustrious activities outside the professional realm -

mailing address: LCHC-0092, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla CA 92093-0092