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[xmca] FW: Book Review Req.-"COERCION AS CURE" by Szasz

Science & Society is looking for someone to review a book on critical psychiatry, listed below. It is well outside of my area, but they requested I send this out to folks who might be interested or have the expertise. See the note below and respond to vbrooks@scienceandsociety.com if you are interested.

Wayne Au
Assistant Professor
Department of Secondary Education
CSU Fullerton
P.O. Box 6868
Fullerton, CA 92834
Office: 657.278.5481
Editorial Board Member: Rethinking Schools (www.rethinkingschools.org)

"Education must keep broad ideals before it, and never forget that it is dealing with Souls and not with Dollars." - W.E.B. DuBois

------ Forwarded Message
From: <vbrooks@scienceandsociety.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 18:19:51 -0800
To: "Au, Wayne" <wau@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU>
Conversation: Book Review Req.-"COERCION AS CURE" by Szasz
Subject: Book Review Req.-"COERCION AS CURE" by Szasz

Dear Prof. Au,

The following book, published by Transaction Publishers, has been sent to
us for review:

"COERCION AS CURE:  A Critical History of Psychiatry " by Thomas Szasz.

We ask you, first, if you will agree to examine the book to determine
whether it merits a review in *Science & Society*; then to write the
review, if appropriate.  The first step is important: often only someone
working in a given field is in a position to judge a book's originality,
quality and importance.

Please let us know as soon as possible whether you wish to receive this
book.  E-mail contact is best <vbrooks@scienceandsociety.com>.  Once you
have the book, please contact me as soon as possible to indicate that: a)
you will, indeed, write the review; b) the book deserves a review, but you
cannot undertake it (any suggestions regarding other possible reviewers
would be welcome); or c) the book does not deserve a review in S&S (in
which case please keep the book, with our compliments).

If you feel that the book we are suggesting is not appropriate, we
apologize; it is sometimes difficult to gauge fields of interest and
specialization with accuracy.  Please feel free to suggest other
forthcoming or recent books that you would like to review, and we will
order them for you.


Vera Praxis Brooks,
Book Review Coordinator

P.S.  The usual length of book reviews in S&S is 1,000 words.  Although we
anticipate using all requested reviews, no manuscript is finally accepted
for publication until it has been considered by our Manuscript Collective.

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