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[xmca] mental health


Mike, this is my answer to your question.

It´s very difficult for me to answer your question directly.

--In the scope of mental health, I should want to work the relation between
person, culture and society from the point of view of subjectivity, but
taking into account that there are a dialectics (from Hegel, Marx, Lenin)
between individual subjectivity, collective subjectivity and social
subjectivity (an interpenetration of one in another; as mediational)

For me mental health is the health of a person integrated in a healthy

That why I will stay on this idea, idea that I have work from community (or
we, in the Center for Studying Community). We work from the communitarian as
a quality of human groups, a specific quality. By no way could be an
individual healthy without a healthy environment (collective, social). I
speek about a healthy subjectivity and studying this I´m studying the system
of contradictions in which a huan being (a community) develops its life.
Those contradictions generate a lot of discomforts, anguish, anxieties,
maladjustment, and hopelessness. That why for considering that a person, a
community is becoming health they need to integrate the critical reflection
of its contradictions and fight with effort in order to transform itself,
his community. (Or the community as a whole).

In my mind, there are no possibilities to articulate the mental health in an
unique axis for working it.

There is a dialectics bet/ intrapersonal, interpersonal and social
relationships and its reflection and praxis looking for transformation.
(this means the transformation of everyday life) That is mental health, that
creates mental health. To identify contradictions through a critical
consciousness and work for practical purpose as a way of transforming
¿context?. That is a mentally healthy human being, a subjectively healthy
people. Of course, also a subjectively healthy community.

That is why I'm in needs of ideas, commentaries, research that were done
from the point of view of Cultural Historical Psychology and/or CHAT.

Sorry for my Writing English

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