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Re: [xmca] Emotions and methodology

Mabel, here is the article I mentioned where I am being critised by an "orthodox" Marxist for confusing ontology and epistemology:

I note that Neville cites Roy Bhaskar as his source. I have no yet got around to reading Bhaskar but it is quite possible he is the source of this criticism. On p. 24ff of Bhaskar's "Philosophy and the Idea of Freedom" Bhaskar has a chapter on "Pragmatism, Epistemology and the Inexorability of Realism" which includes this issue. This may be a place to look. I'll have a read later today.


Mabel Encinas wrote:
My question to Andy was if he could please give me some references about the difference-relation between ontological and methodological dualism? I was aimed to get some contemporary references to this discussion. I already had read Vygotsky. Does anyone has a suggestion, please?
Thank you,

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