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[xmca] Marxism and Psychology Conference

Didn't know if this had made the rounds yet on XMCA. I don't
know anything about it, just that I received it from another
listserve that I'm on (Society for the Study of Symbolic

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Call For Papers

Marxism and Psychology Conference

The University of Prince Edward Island

August 5-7, 2010

Website: http://vre.upei.ca/mprg/

Contact: marfken@upei.ca

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2010


In the history of social thought, it is difficult to find a
more divisive figure than Karl Marx. For many, the mere
mention of his name conjures up images of totalitarian regimes
dominating nearly every aspect of an individual’s existence.
Yet for others, Marx’s critique of the capitalist mode of
production draws attention to the fact that our beliefs,
thoughts, and desires inevitably emerge against the background
of specific cultural, historical, and social practices.


The purpose of this conference is to bring students, scholars,
and activists together to discuss exciting issues at the
intersection of Marxism and Psychology. While it is clear that
a number of organizations are making important contributions
to this area of study, we believe that the time is right to
open up a space for students, scholars, and activists from a
variety of disciplinary backgrounds to reflect on the role
that Marxism can play in psychological theory, research, and


In bringing together scholars at the forefront of research in
Marxism and Psychology, we also hope to give new students and
activists an opportunity to interact with individuals who have
made significant contributions within this area. By organizing
an impressive collection of plenary participants, we hope to
foster an environment where students, activists, and scholars
can identify potential graduate advisors, research assistants,
and participatory investigators. This year, confirmed plenary
participants include:


John Cromby

Raquel Guzzo

Lois Holzman

Gordana Jovanovic

Joel Kovel

Athanasios Marvakis

Morten Nissen

Ian Parker

Carl Ratner

Hans Skott-Myhre

Thomas Teo


Biographical information for the plenary participants can be
found on the conference website.


We welcome submissions for individual papers and panel
sessions. For individual papers, please submit an abstract
(150-200 words) no later than January 15, 2010. For panel
submissions, please include an abstract (150-200 words) for
each paper as well as a brief description of the panel
(150-200 words). Please submit all materials to
marfken@upei.ca. Abstracts should either be in the body of the
email or sent as an attachment (DOC or PDF format).


While the conference poster is available at the conference
website, we also have color posters that need to be
distributed widely. If you are interested in receiving some
posters, please send us an email (marfken@upei.ca) with your
mailing address.


For further information, please visit the conference website:






Michael Arfken, PhD

Director, Marxism & Psychology Research Group (MPRG)

Department of Psychology

University of Prince Edward Island

Greg Thompson
Ph.D. Candidate
The Department of Comparative Human Development
The University of Chicago
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