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[xmca] FW: Screening Noir

Please share this with colleagues.  The attached article focuses on a
project we did to link students across the state with an exhibit on the
Henrietta Marie Slave Ship.  We share this to encourage you to submit to
Screening Noir, 

A Journal of Black Film, Television & New Media Culture

Screening Noir is seeking articles.  Please visit this journal's website.
Please share with those who may be interested in these important topics.

The editorial board dedicates Screening Noir to critical and scholarly
exchanges on all aspects of film, video, digital and new information
technologies.  Specifically, the journal focuses attention on these
representational media in terms of their relevance to and impact on African
and African diasporic culture. Screening Noir is a refereed journal,
reflecting the wide-ranging interests of the editorial collective and
contributors. The editors are interested in publishing thoughtful writings
pertaining to blacks and visual culture, whether scholarly, popular,
critical, comparative or celebratory. Screening Noir is equally interested
in African as well as African diasporic visual culture productions. The
editors encourage you to write for Screening Noir.  

Screening Noir (ISSN 1557-3109) is published biannually through the Center
for Black Studies and the Department of Film Studies at the University of
California, Santa Barbara, and in cooperation with the African, African
American Caucus of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.  Screening Noir
is funded in part by a grant from the College of Letters and Science,
University of California, Santa Barbara.

Website information:


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