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[xmca] Re: Vygotsky and Wund (asking for help)

Hi Achilles-

A short version of Volkerpsychologie exists in English. It is a late summary
of the many volumes he
wrote in German. There is an excellent discussion of early ideas of
volkerpsychologie available at lchc.ucsd.edu in a Newsletter article by
Krewer and Jahoda. Jahoda subsequently wrote more about
this in his book on psychology and anthropology.

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 5:03 PM, Achilles Delari Junior

> Thank you, I didn't see yet. I look for it here in Amazon high now, and
> looks a
> very beautiful work. Congratulations. Do you know something about any
> English
> publication fo the Wundt's "Völkerpsychologie"? We don't have a Portuguese
> publication, and Germany is completely far way from my possibilities...
> Thank you. You help me a lot, like all the other times.
> Best.
> Achilles.
> Em 30/05/2009 00:45, Mike Cole &lt; lchcmike@gmail.com &gt; escreveu:
> Achilles-- I write about these connections some in "Cultural Psychology."
> If you have not seen that, take a look and then lets go from there. There
> are some good
> books in English which delve into related connections.
>  mike
> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Achilles Delari Junior &
> lt;achilles_delari@hotmail.com <lt%3Bachilles_delari@hotmail.com>&gt;
> wrote:
> Dear Mike,
> Excuse me for take your precious time, but: can you help me by
> indicating something about *Wundt and Vygotsky relationships*? Do you
> know, I have studied a little about history of Brazilian psychology, and
>  there was a psychologist here that wrote books similar to the Vygotsky's
> ones, not necessarily in epistemic orientation, of course, but in
> structure of topics and semantic fields of them. However, these Brazilian
>  psychologist publications were some years before VygotskyÂ?s ones... He
> was called Manoel Bomfim (1868-1932) and wrote "Pensar e dizer" (*"To
> think and to say"* in the infinitive mode), book dated from *1923* -
>  title similar to *"Thinking and Speech" (1934)*... dispite the book
> structure was not very similar (to see the table of contents in English:
> http://delari.sites.uol.com.br/histpsic/pensaredizer.htm). But there was
>  even, for instance the title "Noções de psicologia" (*"Notions of
> psychology") - wrote in *1916*, very, very similar, in structure of
> topics, to *"History of the development of Higher psychological
>  functions" (1931)* by Vygotsky, including the final chapter with the
> positioning of personality as a superior synthesis of psychics funtions.
> This was something that we find in Wundt too, see "Grundiss der
>  Psychologie" ("Outlines of psychology
> &lt;http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Wundt/Outlines/&gt;";) (1897) - Bomfim
> was
> some kind of Wundt's follower, despite his studies in France with Binet
>  too...
> Do you think that could be any important relation between *Vygotsky and
> Wundt*? Do you think this few little clues that I have, can be something
> relevant to further historical investigation, in terms of common
>  historical sources to international psychology at that years (1900-1930s)?
> Excuse me about my naive questions. If you have already something writed
> about to pass to me, I thank you very much, if you not I thank you even
>  so, about your patience.
> Achilles,
> From Brazil
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