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Re: [xmca] teaching Vygotsky

Hi Shirley and Dear ALL!

Currently I teach two graduate courses on Vygotskyian theory at the Faculty of Education of Simon Fraser University (Canada).  The courses are:

EDUC 879-5   Lev Vygotsky's Theories in Education and 
EDUC 856-5 Sociocultural Perspectives in Education and Identity.

I teach them approximately 2-3 times a year.  Those are courses for our MA/MEd/EdD/PhD students. 
I was just approved to teach a new special topics seminar on activity theory, starting this Fall semester.  The title of the course is Special Topics Seminar on CHAT (Cultural-Historical Activity Theory) and Research (for Ph.D students interested in activity theory mainly).
Best wishes,

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Subject: [xmca] teaching Vygotsky

We are doing some research into courses which teach about Vygotsky.
Would really welcome feedback in terms of course name and level, and  

Thanks so much for your co-operation

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