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[xmca] comognition some more

Another example of a struggling kid and how the strugggles manifest
themselves in talk and action.

They were the same as the problems I had helped her with the week before. I
asked her if she remembered how we added the two easy numbers together and
then added the third umber to that answer. She nodded yes and so that’s what
we did for all the problems. For example, if the problem was 3 + 3 + 7 we
added 3 + 3 first, which is six and then added the 7 to six, to get the
final answer. One thing I noticed, which I noticed before, is that A seems
to subtract a lot of times instead of add. So if I ask her what 7 + 3 is she
blurts out 4 really fast and then says, “no…” (Counts on her fingers) and
then says 10. I’m not sure why she wants to subtract but this seems to slow
her down a lot because she has to really think it through.

Again, ability presupposed by school and teacher are absent.
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