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Re: [xmca] Classics in Activity Theory


For Leontyev, it's the collection: "Problems of the Development of Mind" (1981) plus his article "Activity and Consciousness". For Ilyenkov we have the beautiful collection "Dialectical Logic" plus several articles published in various places mainly around the problem of the ideal, and one which many people on this list would not have seen, his book on "Materialism and Empirio-Criticism". For Meshcheryakov I have just his famous book on deaf-blind children, my favourite actually.

I have not published Leontyev's "Activity, Consciousness and Personality" because (1) there are copyright issues and (2) It is apparently a poor translation. With Ilyenkov, I am saving up his "Abstract and Concrete in Marx's Capital" for later if there is demand and I have omitted several possible articles on political issues which I felt were dated.

1,090 pages in all.


Bruce Robinson wrote:

Which titles are you publishing? I looked on the MIA site but couldn't find any details.


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marxists.org have just published 3 books of Soviet era
translations of Leontyev, Ilyenkov and Meshcheryakov -
altogether over 1,000 pages of material that constitutes,
next to the work of Vygotsky himself, the theoretical
foundations of our work. Profits go to the Marxists Internet
Archive to keep the classics of Marxism available to all for

I you don't have these classics, I recommend you take
advantage of the offer of $20 per book if you buy the set.

thank you all

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