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Re: [xmca] CHAT: Interdisciplinary or maybe TRANS-disciplinary?

And all in our spare time and one lifetime, Andy.
Norm Friesen's article seeks to bring in discursive psychology into MCA
but it appears bereft of acknowledgement of the long term ties among threads
thought he is urging us to consider.

Manny Schegloff was a former member of LCHC.
Media IS appears in the discussion, but not mediation, no LSV, no
of prior discussions of Latour, Hutchins, and so much more. How to find the
to do all the bridging work.

What we need is some good gefilte fish and some khren!! And a lot of time
and energy, or we might mistake what we are doing here as a conversation
with EllaZ!!

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 6:18 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> It seemed to me that rather than getting scholars from other disciplines
> "on board", what ihehes necessary is our own boarding party. We need to
> enter the discourse in other disciplines, e.g., in their journals and at
> their conferences, and critique their work, and draw out the need for CHAT
> ideas from that critique.
> I have tried. I am from outside CHAT anyway, so I should be able to. But so
> far I have failed. Bund allt I labour under other disadvantages as I am
> outside academia altogether and getting heard inside CHAT (if it weren't for
> Mike/xmca) is hard enough let alone at Critical Theory or Hegel Society
> conferences, etc.
> But I think some of us who do have academic skills, if people were to take
> a break and submit papers critiquing (for example) social theorists, in
> their own language in their own journals, then CHAT ideas would be taken
> seriously.
> Andy
> Bruce Robinson wrote:
>> I think it is pretty widely stated that cultural historical activity
>>> theory
>>> or socio-cultural historical practice theory or ..........
>>> is what is ordinarily conceived of as an inter-disciplinary undertaking
>>> that
>>> spans at least social sciences and humanities, with
>>> some arts and evolutionary biology thrown in from time to time (and even,
>>> gulp, some math).
>> Don't forget information systems which has a reasonable corpus of CHAT
>> work.
>> Or perhaps more generally socio-techn[olog]ical studies should also be
>> included.
>>  Andy has been using the term interdisciplinary in trying to get us to
>>> think
>>> of projects as a basic unit of analysis while some
>>> resist the idea of *A SINGLE* unit of analysis that spans all concerns of
>>> this ryzhomic enterprise.
>>> And despite the talk of interdisciplinarity, we seem to be pretty heavily
>>> centered in psychology and education, with only
>>> some attention to work.
>>> Might we need to think seriously about a TRANS-discipline where
>>> integration
>>> across levels of time and syncrhonic variation
>>> are included? Or must we always be piecemeal, able to cope with 2-3
>>> dimensions/aspects of our problematic, but unable
>>> to move to the integrative level that our own theories tell us we need?
>> On a transdiscipline: Definitely. This integration is implicit in the
>> fundamental conceptions of CHAT IMHO.
>> Don't forget space either. It seems to have been rather under-theorised in
>> CHAT from what I can see and there seem to be some interesting possible
>> crossovers. Plus a group of radical geographers who might be interested.
>> Bruce R
>>  Last thought/question of the evening.
>>> mike
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