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Re: [xmca] UCs

Aha. Sorry about the mix-up. I just yesterday noticed that I sent it to him by accident, yet didn't notice that he forwarded it to the list.

Anyway, thanks for responding, people! And yeah, I have no idea what Mike was talking about. Maybe I'll save it and see if I don't eventually get it... :)

Andy Blunden wrote:
Jeffrey, we all received this message from you a week or so ago via Ed Wall. We all had a good chuckle about it and I'm sorry if the response didn't reach you.

Anyway, we think the LCHC at UCSD is the place for you.


Jeffrey Thomas Piercy wrote:
Could the people on this list possibly give me a bit of advice?

If I were an undergrad with an interest in Vygotsky and I was going to
be transferring to a University of California (both of which happen to
be true), would anybody have any idea on what a good choice might be?

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