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[xmca] Information about Russian Vygotsky School 2009

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
(1). This is follow-up information on the post by Elina Lampert-Shepel last month, regarding the Russian Vygotsky Summer School, from June 19 - 26, 2009 in Belaya Kalytva, Russia. At the bottom of the information sheet is the application form, due by May 15, 2009. We sincerely hope you can join us for this conference. 
(2). In future, there will be more announcements of possible international collaboration, including information on the annual Vygotsky conference in Moscow in November, 2009.
Many ideas of collaboration are being discussed, and I am hopeful....
(3). Valerie Lowe spent three years making a documentary film, titled Lev Vygotsky: One Man's Legacy through his Life and Theory. This film is intended to supplement university courses teaching the theories of Vygotsky. I have attached a PDF file with information on how to purchase this film. Some of the profits from the film will be given to the Vygotsky family. Website: www.vygotskydocumentary.com. Or, you can contact Valerie directly at:
Lowe, Valerie E HSD:EX <valerie.lowe@gov.bc.ca>. Please share this information with your respective universities. Thank you.
More general information will be forthcoming.
Sending all of you good wishes,


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