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Potentially interesting post doc

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A *two-year Post-Doctoral position in cognitive developmental psychology
starting January 2009 is offered in Marseille, Laboratoire de Psychologie
Cognitive (France), UMR 6146, CNRS.*
* *

The project is part of a collaborative research program, funded by l'Agence
Nationale pour la Recherche, ANR) involving a German group, leaded by Prof.
Jutta Kray at the University of Saarbrücken, and Prof. Agnes Blaye in
It investigates cognitive flexibility processes across the life span. More
specifically it is focused on the role of verbal regulation in task
switching and the understanding of the interrelationships between working
memory and processes underlying flexibility.

The post-doc researcher will be a highly qualified fellow competent in the
areas of interest (both developmental and aging literature in general, and
cognitive control/flexibility in particular). A good expertise in the field
of task-switching in adults will be valued.

The fellow will participate in the designing of protocols, programming of
experiments (E prime, DMDX), data analysis (SPPS, Statistica) and writing of
scientific article. He/she will be in charge of co-ordinating other
partners' contributions to the ongoing research at all stages in the
project, make sure schedule is respected, train graduate students involved
in data collection etc….

The search will continue until an appropriate candidate has been identified.
Applications should include a CV, a description of research experience
related to the issues stated above (less than one page), and contact details
of two referees. They must be sent to agnes.blaye@univ-provence.fr
Agnes Blaye must also be contacted for any further inquiry

Agnès Blaye, Prof.
Université de Provence
U.F.R. de Psychologie et Sciences de l'Education
Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive, UMR 6146
29, Av. R. Schuman
13621 Aix en Provence cedex 1

Tel. (00-33-0) 4 42 93 39 90 ou
        (00-33-0) 4 91 10 65 85
Fax (00-33-0)4 42 38 91 70

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