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From: Martin Packer <packer who-is-at>
Date: Thu Sep 04 2008 - 07:45:32 PDT

On 9/3/08 10:57 AM, "Andy Blunden" <> wrote:

> So the cell of bourgeois society and its "unit of analysis"
> is *not* a commodity, but the commodity relation.

OK, Andy. But it was you who first said:

"Marx applied the idea to political economy and came up with
the *Commodity*, as the simplest relation of bourgeois
society and the simplest unit of capital."

I think we both agree that a commodity *is* a relation, *and* a process. It
*appears* to be merely a thing, but analysis shows that it is much more than
this. But I would still argue that analysis shouldn't be conducted on the
'unit' in isolation, but as it participates in something larger.


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