[xmca]“Internal ethical instantiations” (Vygotsky; Bozhovich; moral development)

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Comrades,Let me re-write.
Thanks to Dorothy´s help with texts, I'm finally reading Lidia Bozhovich´s beautiful contributions, because my curiosity about cultural-historical fundaments for clinical practices and my preliminary understanding that personality formation is a important topic to that subject (see Vygotksky’s remarks about diagnostic of personality in “The Diagnostics of Development and the Pedological Clinic for Difficult Children”). I guess that the problem of personality development (structure, funtions, and dynamics) leads us to the genetic line of moral development too (see, for instance, Chudnovsky interest in "moral stability of personality" -remembered by Robbins)… In Bozhovich’s words:“The moral development of a preschooler is closely associated with changes in the nature of his interactions with adults and the resultant development of the moral ideas and feelings that L.S. Vygotsky called internal ethical instantiations.” (Bozhovich, 2004 – p. 60)
L.I. BOZHOVICH. Developmental Phases of Personality Formation in Childhood (II) Journal of
Russian and East European Psychology, vol. 42, no. 4, July–August 2004, pp. 55–70.
The term “ethical instantiations” appears six times in this Bozhovich’s text. In the Russian version we can find: “«внутренних этических инстанций» (Л.С. Выготский)” [“vnutrennikh eticheskikh instantsii” – “internal ethical instances/instantiations” (L.S. Vygotsky)] (Bozhovich, 1997, p. 268).
Please. Can you help me, pointing the Vygotsky’s work(s) where this concept of “internal ethical instantiations” appears? Or giving me any suggestions about something in the semantic field of these key-words “internal ethical instances/instantiations”, "moral development", in CHAT?
Best regards,
Thank you, very much.
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