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Hi Dot,

Thanks so much for pointing to these issues in JREEP. My university
finally got a subscription and I'm able to access the articles you
mention. Certainly a Collected Works of A.N. Leontiev would be a
valuable addition to our collective resources. The "home lecture" on
Will prepared by ANL especially for his grandson contains some
interesting and apparently final thoughts in a welcome accessible
style. I've pasted the abstract below

Thanks again and regards,


Published based on a tape recording, the text represents a 1978 “home
ture” personally prepared for and read to the grandson of A.N. Leontiev
[Dmitry], at his request when he was a first-year student at the
School of
Psychology of Moscow State University. The lecture was recorded on a
recorder that had recently been given to A.N. Leontiev on the occasion
of his
seventieth birthday. In preparing the transcript for publication only
corrections were made; repetition and grammatical and syntactical
ties were eliminated, along with clarifying questions and their
answers when
they added nothing to the main substance of the lecture.
Chronologically, the lecture “Will” is one of the last, if not the
last, original
scholarly texts of A.N. Leontiev and it merits publication. It is
significant in
that A.N. Leontiev did not specifically devote a single published
work, manu-
script, or public lecture to the problem of will. Except for lecture
notes and the
stenographic records of his courses in general psychology, the
publication of
which would be possible only after extensive work, this lecture is the
source of clarification of his views on this issue. The content of
this lecture
probably does not require a special commentary, as it was designed for
audience with minimal understanding of psychology, and is
distinguished by
its exceptionally accessible explanations.
On 02/08/2008, at 8:00 AM, Dot Robbins wrote:

> Steve wrote: "For sure, we need Leontiev's writings already in
> English back in
> print, and more translated and published. I wonder if there is
> anything else in English by Leontiev we might be able to get on one of
> these sites in the meantime."
> In the Journal of Russian & East European Psychology, there are
> three issues of A. N. Leontiev in English. Vol. 43, Nos. 3, 4, 5,
> 2005. The first issue is a translation written as a small book for
> the 100th centennial celebration of Leontiev's life and the
> conference in Moscow. The second issue has an introduction by E. E.
> Sokolova, and The Study of the Environment in the Pedological Works
> of L. S. Vygotsky; Transference of Action as a Function of
> Intellect; The Problem of the Development of the Intellect and
> Learning in Human Psychology; Paper Presented at the All-Union
> Institute of Experimental Medicine. And the third issue has lectures
> transcribed and translated. The lectures are taken from a book from
> 2000, Smysl. I have an extra copy of the Russian version, and would
> be happy to send it to anyone who is interested. Also, in 2005,
> Dmitry Leontiev (with A. A. Leontiev [he worked on it before his
> death on August 12, 2004], and E. E. Sokolova)
> published a book called A. N. Leontiev: Activity, Consciousness,
> Personality....There are very interesting pictures, commentaries, a
> re-publication of Activity, Consciousness, Personality, oral
> biobliographical notes on A. N. Leontiev, and a listing of all (or
> most) of his publications. I would love to see this book translated
> into English, if anyone would be interested in such a project. It
> might be an interesting idea to have an interview with Dmitry
> Leontiev about his grandfather, and have that published. If there is
> interest, I would be happy to contact him about that.
> with good wishes to all,
> Dot
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