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Dear REB and All,

With all due respect, if it is only about emotions, then how can one explain
emotionless and violent acts by sociopaths? Could it possibly be that, in
some instances, emotions are simply not interpreted correctly by thinking?
Or, trying to connect it with Vygotskian prospective, isn't the problem
about how well (or poor) emotions are integrated with the rest of mentality
of the whole person struggling with and within the social context?


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For me, it isn't about guns, bombs, knives or any weapon, it is about
emotions. When emotions trump reason, people will kill people. In America,
current leadership has made it quite clear - shoot first, talk later.
throughout the world understand the power of fear, and use it to their own
The irony is: we as teachers can change the world - one student, one class,

one school -- at a time.
It ain't about the guns, it's about the people.

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