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One thing that Shmeleva omits from her review is that the doctrine produced
not only efforts to destroy journals and careers, but also lives. According
to Daniels, Cole, and Wertsch's Cambridge Companion to Vygotsky, in Thinking
and Speech Vygotsky did not reference Gustav Gustavovich Shpet, one of his
mentors, who was dismissed from his academic positions on multiple occasions
and subjected to "brutal interrogation and execution in 1937" by Soviet
authorities (Wertsch, CCV, p. 184) due to his "freedom and dignity and the
independence of his thought from Marxist-Leninist ideology, which at the
time was growing stronger and stronger" (Zinchenko, CCV, p. 212). Presumably
LSV did not want to antagonize the authorities unnecessarily. Further,
Shpet's colleague "Mandel'shtam perished in the Gulag a year after Shpet's
murder" (Zinchenko, CCV, p. 231). I am hopeful that the current regime calls
it quits at trying to force psychologists into their dominant paradigm.
n.b. My grandparents were from Vygotsky's home town of Gomel and fled to the
US during the pogroms in 1913 and 1916, so I do have some distant relation
to these forms of repression. And now I live in Bush's America.

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I think all should be interested in the chracterization of contemporary
Russian develppmental
psychology. Very sobering and fits my observations The division between
theory and
practice is Russia power's of reimplemeting the Regime that was Vygotsky et
life time experience in new clothing.

It feels like a repitition, but where has the farce gone?


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> Hi, while searching for something else, I came across an online version of
> the Cross-Cultural Psychology Bulletin.
> I thought some of you might be interested either as readers or
> contributors.
> Peter
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