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Hi Dot , Just thank you very much , for all detailed information , for all kindness . And since I feel myself so indebted to dear Anton , I would like to repeat what you told about him : " Anton, thank you so very much for all of the information and support you are providing. You are helping so many of us in so many ways. " I , for myself , can't forget all kindness which came to me from "Andy" , " Mike Cole " , "Sasha Surmava" , and to some lesser extent , from some others . Though it seems to be good and timely to give sort of complaint to some good fellows who , for any reasons albeit likely *mannerism* , to do unjustice to the forum or person by opting for an unjustified silence . The learned ones do know for certain that such silences might crush the naive inquirer for ever to come . During this much time though I didn't reach my goal of getting the very article I was searching for , I learned and experienced lots and lots of encouragement , friendship , loyalty , great lessons etc. etc. I hate really being a grand dad though !! As referring to D.Leontiev , I think I have that article not knowing wherefrom I have got it ; just not illegally . Therefore , I will try to attach it to this message . If we have time to read Andrey Maidansky's articles one of which was offered by dear Mike a while ago as well as dear Sasha's previously offered/suggested ones
 and see where the two Ilyenkovian fans/disciples have conflicts or disagreements , it will help us a lot even if we don't like the Activity Theory and would like to dissect it from Vygotsky's . My own present knowledge is deficient for such a great task . With much respect for everybody and thank you all again !! Haydi haydizulfei who-is-at P.S. Dot ! Is D.Leontiev making efforts to explicate and elucidate tenets of Existential Psychology (Garfingle ... ) Never were I able to make a compromise between his father's and grandfather's legacy and what I came to understand by EP , If there is such a link , I would very much like to know about it . Can you help ? This circle of explorer revolves on and on and I don't know if the attachment was done . Now I have to press "send" however .    ----- Original Message ---- From: Dot Robbins <drobbins72000 who-is-at> To: xmca who-is-at Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 12:38:05 PM Subject: [xmca] permission? Hello everyone! Anton, thank you so very much for all of the information and support you are providing. You are helping so many of us in so many ways. The idea of having Russians send in their articles is simply wonderful. Mike, thank you for the YouTube idea, which will start a totally new way to communicate. Haydi, regarding the Sokolova article, I could not find it, but have a similar one. Perhaps someone could scan it and send it out. The article is “The Relationship between Vygotsky’s and Leont’ev’s Research Traditions as Revealed through an Analysis of Leont’ev’s Early Works.” (in Voices within Vygotsky’s Non-Classical Psychology: Past, present, future. 2002. Pp.63-76. Nova Science. A. Stetsenko and I edited this book, and there is another article by D. Leontiev discussing the connection between Vygotsky and A. N. Leontiev, and other articles by V. &nbsp;Zinchenko, and T. Akhutina, relating Vygotsky to Luria). &nbsp; Elena Sokolova is a truly wonderful person, and works/publishes closely with D. Leontiev. Elena and Dimitry wrote an introduction together for the Journal of Russian and East European Psychology in 2005 (there are three issues offering some of A. N. Leontiev’s lectures, Vols. &nbsp;#3, 4, 5). I am attaching Elena Sokolova’s introduction in Russian. She often writes about the connection between Vygotsky and Activity Theory, and she also works with many people inside Moscow. I really think her voice should be read, and so appreciate the attention given to her. There are different opinions in Moscow about the connection of Vygotsky and Activity Theory, and I tried to say something about this in JREEP in March-April 2007 in an introduction to “Vygotsky: Exploring the Past.” (Vol. 45, Nr. 2). It can be found at: (under publications, scroll to the bottom of the page). Also, thanks for mentioning Sasha’s collection of video tapes, Anton. In 2003-2004, Sasha organized evening lectures in Moscow, inviting almost all of the well-known psychologists to speak for a few hours each. They gave lectures not only to students, but to the public at large. Sasha has hours and hours of video footage. I also have hours of taping Russian psychologists that I made. I am hoping to find funding sometime, to get some of the tapes translated. This would be another project that could eventually go on YouTube…..things are really exciting on xmca right now! Thanks to everyone. Dot

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