Re: [xmca] Announcement: Online community for the history of [mostly Soviet] psychology (mostly in Russian)

From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at>
Date: Fri Jun 13 2008 - 08:06:20 PDT

Hi Anton.. The site looks great and active. Congratulatinos.

1. I understand that Sharpe has permitted JREEP to post an article for
discussion a la XMCA. Is that happening?
2/ What does one have to do to join? For example, if I wanted to ask about
the actual research of Price with Luria,
or try to figure out what it takes to get to see data from the twin studies
(I have only seen one article in English and
the little that Mironova (?) and Luria did that is summarized in the Luria
autobiography, to whom would I turn?
3. Can one post in latin alphabet or only cyrillic?
4. Would you like a link from lchc page to the discusssion and perhaps vice
5. The history of Ina Ravich Scherbo might be intereting for xmca members.
Is her email available?

Finally, I am very uncertain about ordering article on the internet from
Russia. Is this just a dumb bias, or am I
actually at greater risk for hacking and identify theft? I would like to
read that sokolova article but hate sending
electronic money anywhere, and to .ru in particular. What is your


On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 7:00 AM, Anton Yasnitsky <>

> Just fyi:
> Anyone interested?
> Any questions?
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