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This request was distributed on the Dewey society list. I suggested to Jim
G that people here might have suggestions, and he said I should forward it
since he's not on xmca now.

here's the email for the person making the inquiry:

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I am forwarding this email request to the membership in case someone can be of

Sincerely yours,

Jim Garrison

Dear Dr. Garrison,

As an anthropologist I have been working with the Shuar Federation for almost 20
years. The Shuar are the largest group of Amazonian Indians in Ecuador and they
have an agreement with the Ecuadorian State by which they run their own schools.
  As you might imagine, their schools are modelled on a most reactionary model of

A friend of mine has just been placed in charge of their education system and
has asked me for help. From what I know John Dewey's work in education remains
the most progressive model, at least in the US. I am looking for pedagogic and
curricular materials that are in Spanish and accessible to a non-academic
audience that I can send to my friend, and I would be very glad if I could do
something by way of introducing her to Dewey's ideas and methods.

I don't expect you to be able to help me directly, but I wonder if you know of
any school or NGO that works in bilingual or Spanish-language education that
may be able to help.



Dr. Steven Rubenstein

Reader in Latin American Anthropology

Director of the Research Institute of Latin American Studies

School of Cultures, Languages, and Area Studies

University of Liverpool

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