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Hans -- Evaluation for what purpose?

Evaluation of a program? To see how well it worked? Or to anticipate how well it might work?

Evaluation of individuals? To see if they benefited from something? Or to anticipate whether they might succeed at something or fail at it?

If that's what you mean, we've been using a CHAT-based process for selecting participants in an intensive pre-apprenticeship program in carpentry. The target demographic is ex-offenders, welfare recipients, minorities, ex-drug abusers, etc so the standard measures of evalution of individuals don't apply. The program is expensive ($14,000 per slot) and we are being judged on the number of people who complete the program, so we designed a sequence of challenges that are closely related to the actual challenges of the job and then let people self-select. Details upon request.

Helena Worthen

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Hi everyone,

I am looking into evaluation. I wonder if somebody have hear about that
CHAT has been use as a theory for evaluation or as a method? Or what kind of
evaluatione theory and methods are prefered for those who have their roots
in CHAT?

I have just started to look into evaluation in order to design one and I
find that CHAT could be very useful in that work. I thionk I have missed
some information about such things in the past and therefor I ask ther´se

Yours Hans frpm a sunny Sweden.

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