[xmca] Bibliography on activity theory and research practices

From: Silvina Cimolai <silcimolai who-is-at hotmail.com>
Date: Sat May 03 2008 - 03:47:19 PDT

Dear all:
My name is Silvina and I am new in this group. I am very happy of having found this group, it is very difficult to find places with such compromise in the discussions and with a genuine sense of community.
I am writing because I am doing a research on production of academic knowledge in educational psychology in Argentina, and I am trying to identify studies using activity theory approaches that have analysed research practices, scientific activities, academic work, or academic identities or cultures. My interest is to analyse the types of knowledge that are being produced in the field, and the disciplinary and professional identities constructed and deconstructed by academics working in the field.
The studies I have found until now are more focused on introducing newcomers to academic practices, or specifically about writing activities in academic settings. Do anyone has in mind other studies? I would really appreciate any comments.

Silvina Cimolai
PhD student
Faculty of Culture and Pedagogy
Institute of Education
University of London
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