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Thanks a lot, Michaels (Cole and Evans)

and by "good places" I mean institutions.



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If you haven't already seen this, MIT Press (in conjunction with the
MacArthur Foundation in the US) has just released a six-volume series that
might assist with your efforts:

I'm currently using "The Ecology of Games" in my course...

BTW, when you say you're searching for "good places to pursue this kind of
research" - were you referring to institutions, conferences, or something

Best of luck!

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> Subject: [xmca] online games as tools for sociability
> Hi all,
> I've been missing for quite a while, lost in the jungle of Philosophy of
> Language. But now I want to embark on a new research project. I am about
> start studying online games, which I see as tools for sociability (in
> Simmel's sense). As some of you may know, there is a growing literature on
> ethnographical and sociological accounts of this phenomenon, and I intend
> draw on this work in order to pursue a philosophically oriented research,
> dealing also with issues such as make-believe, joint pretense, distributed
> cognition and the intermingling of "real" and "fictional" objects and
> characters.
> I am just finishing collecting the relevant material and hope to start
> working on it in the next few weeks. I would appreciate any suggestions
> might make, as well as info about good places to pursue this kind of
> research (since I am interested in working abroad).
> Best regards,
> Luiz Carlos Baptista
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