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Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 23:43:24 PST

In chapter 7 in Aleksandr Etkind's interesting book Eros
Nevosmomozjnogo (An impossible passion? - 'En omöjlig passion' in
Swedish) you can read about Trotskij's sympathy for psychoanalysis,

in chapter 8 - about Pedology (and LSV and others)

Perhaps Aron Zalkind could have been a link between LSV and Trotskij?


30 jan 2008 kl. 00.21 skrev David Kellogg:

> Shirley,
> Trotsky was quite sympathetic to psychoanalysis, and it seems to
> me more likely that he would have met/contacted Luria or Vera
> Schmidt rather than Vygotsky.
> Volosinov begins his monograph against Freudianism with a brief
> but respectful dismissal of Trotsky's enthusiasm for psychoanalysis
> (this is 1929, and Volosinov is more likely to get in trouble for
> the respectfulness of his dismissal rather than for the dismissal
> itself).
> I have always felt that Volosinov MUST have influenced Vygotsky
> on this question (and others, including znachenie and smysl), but I
> have been unable to prove it. Volosinov cites Vygotsky but not the
> other way around, and the common citations that they use (e.g.
> Dostoevsky) were apparently BOTH taken from a book by Jakubinsky
> (according to Titunik).
> Do you know the work of Etkind? He's done SOMETHING along these
> lines (but I think he's mostly interested in the Jewish
> connection). Try:
> David Kellogg
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