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Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 15:23:59 PST

Dear Andy
  Thank you for the explanation .
  Tonight , I had just Steve Gabosch and you here on the xmca . Your 40-item SUBJCET discussion has encouraged all the folk to ask you to do the same with all conflict-ridden terms and words which to this day have not been so neatly and in just one compact package presented and worked out . Catherene Connery said something like this , too .
  Now , if possible , please look at these two quotes :
  --Activity is a non-additive unit of the corporeal, material life of the material subject.
  --Fashioned out of what is given by nature, culture is subject to objective constraints. Among such constraints are the "rules" that are manifested in the behavior of institutions such as the market, the state, technological innovation, and so on, as well as the objective constraints imposed on the human body, which is as much a cultural product as our domestic animals and our clothes, fashioned from the material provided by nature to fit in with other artifacts in a definite form of life.
  Things which are very easily digested , might not strengthen the power of mind and reflection to a considerable extent . I think all the folk should be first of all thankful to you because of the thought feed ! you provide them with :) .
  I have read these two passages many times and thought first about the objective meaning it might convery and second about the personal meaning (sense) it might transmit to the reader . And these are my guessings :
  1. Leontyev , by material subject , does not mean a subject which is or who is involved in materialities .
  2. To the end of the article , L does not try to expose the meaning of the word MATERIAL in relation to the word SUBJECT .
  3. Then I have to take it this way that L wants to go back to the philosophical monism of the history of the whole universe pre-animate post-animate , pre-human as well as post-human . One remembers ILYENKO , SPINOZA , LENIN , MARX , HEGEL (SPIRIT,IDEA) AND PLEKHANOV .
  4. Before focusing on the passage from L , I had long been focusing on the word BODY in your thought-provoking article . If you had presented a compact discussion about BODY as you have done with the term SUBJECT , I might have been able to get soon to the focal point ; but alas ! in your whole ordered system of presentation I could not manage to reach a satisfying destination .
  5. Up to the end of the article , you , too , have not dealt with this term as an exposition of its content .
  6. Therefore I had to accept the idea that , as you referred to in your response to my previous message , just from the beginning and because L has not presented a satisfying answer to the question "What is the system of activity?" , we should accept the CATEGORY OF SUBJECT (self-consciousness) , then when we have done that , we can easily and without feeling any conflict , contradiction , antinomy accept that consequently BODY could be determined as product of MATERIAL CULTURAL ARTIFACTS the true essense of which comes from NATURE . I know of NO distortions I've probably / certainly made into the whole thing .
  I need your help as ever .
  Best Wishes
  Heidi Zulfai

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