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Date: Sun Jan 20 2008 - 11:28:17 PST

Hi everyone,
I see this article as an interesting examination of the social
construction of death and dying which is central to the human
experience. Thanks for calling our attention to the signs and
meaning-making actions associated with a war that has yet to be buried
regardless of the passage of time. Perhaps the fact that it was fought
in our backyard prevents us from finding a semiotic or social cemetery
of sorts. The material aspects of grief cause me to reflect on many of
Andy's passionate assertions regarding material vs. idealistic culture
on xmca.

By the way, I just finished Dave Egger's What is the What. I'd highly
recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Lost Boys of Sudan. The
writing is complex and the experience of the protagonist is riveting.
The significance of agency and the distinction between physical &
psychological tools (language vs. weapons) is reflected Gopnik's article
and this informative biography.

Happy MLK day!

Mike Cole wrote:
> An article by Adam Gopnik in the New Yorker on remembering the American
> Civil war can be obtained at the link below.
> It is not "on topic" for XMCA in the narrow sense, but sure enough important
> food for thought.
> mike
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