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Date: Mon Jan 07 2008 - 18:16:17 PST

At 09:24 AM 6/01/2008 -0600, Eric wrote:
>Here are some areas I hope you plan on expanding on:
>* the notion of internalization/appropriation in the development of the child

This is really out of my area, Eric. I am 62 and the nearest I come to
children is seeing my niece in Sydney every 2 or 3 years.

>* more specifically what you see as the difference between pscyhology and
>social psychology

I am poorly qualified to answer this Eric. But I am interested in the
relationship between a person's psyche and "social consciousness" and
activity. This is certainly my core concern. I guess understanding that
relationship involves understanding a range of mediations: on one side, the
"habitus" which while determining a person's consciousness at a very deep
level is at least open to challenge and modification by any individual who
decides not to fit in; on the other, by the various societal systems like
the wages system, the market, the political system, the media, and so on,
which are vast institutions, which also set the Zeitgeist and can only be
modified to the extent that an individual can "master" and "mobilise" their
habitus. I hope to keep working on this.

>* what data should be collected and disseminated to pursue the ideal of
>social psychology

The central aim of my work at the moment is to initiate a dialogue between
Vygotsky (and followers) and Hegel (and followers). That is my aim: I say
to CHAT people: "Study Hegel, and I'd like to help" and to Hegelians and
Marxist-Hegelians: "Study CHAT, and I'd like to help". There is out there
amongst young people, in the universities, in the "developing" countries,
etc., etc., millions of people who could really fix some things if, in my
opinion, they look at the possibilities of dialogue between these two
traditions, which actually have common roots, but have become distanced
from one another, like me and my niece in Sydney.

>These of course are selfish to my concerns pertaining to the practice I
>participate in. Perhaps others have opinions concerning the expansion of
>your thesis.

Not selfish at all. I am sure others are interested too. Well, I hope so,

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