[xmca] Another comment on Andy's article

From: <ERIC.RAMBERG who-is-at spps.org>
Date: Sun Jan 06 2008 - 07:24:46 PST


I must thank you once again for writing such a thoughtful critique of CHAT
to this point in time. I hope it is a thesis that you plan on expanding,
for it is impossible to learn without expanding. Here are some areas I
hope you plan on expanding on:

  *the notion of internalization/appropriation in the development of the
  *more specifically what you see as the difference between pscyhology and
social psychology
  * what data should be collected and disseminated to pursue the ideal of
social psychology

These of course are selfish to my concerns pertaining to the practice I
participate in. Perhaps others have opinions concerning the expansion of
your thesis.


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