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From: Peter Moxhay <moxhap who-is-at>
Date: Wed Oct 10 2007 - 09:59:11 PDT

Colin's comment:

"...'personality as an ongoing dialogue within ourselves about ourselves and our practical relations with the material world and with other people, in which we use - and develop and re-inflect - the socially given signs (above all words, but not only words) we inherit and transform."

puts me in mind of some words of Ilyenkov that link personality to creativity or talent:

"...the personality element in the individual's activity is characterized by the presence of _creative moments_. The individual, as personality, always introduces certain creative changes into the reproduction of social connections. A personality is possessed by a person who acts with creativity and talent in creating new forms of social life."

Is the implication here that not everyone, in fact, has a genuine personality? Just those especially creative individuals who transform social life?


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