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Date: Wed Oct 10 2007 - 09:39:05 PDT

Maria wrote:

"coming into life in the flow of time" , one's personality would be rather
"timeless", wouldn't it?

Isn't it just the point that, as well as being inherently "social", one's personality is
exactly NOT "timeless" but always developing? And, part of the form that this development
takes is given by the inner character of the personality, as an ongoing conversation with
oneself, in the context of one's active engagement with the world (material and social).

There's a very fruitful point of contact between the pragmatists (Peirce, Mead, etc) and
the Russian dialogists (Volosinov, Bakhtin, etc) on this point: the sense of "mind",
"individual psychology", "personality" as an ongoing dialogue within ourselves about
ourselves and our practical relations with the material world and with other people, in
which we use - and develop and re-inflect - the socially given signs (above all words, but
not only words) we inherit and transform.

The whole complex assumes a *developmental* view of self, personality, etc.

It's a lovely rich mix....

Colin Barker

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