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Abstract overgeneralizations provide an opportunity for an individual to
place themselves in the past present and future. Through the process
structure of semiotic mediation a person can play the role of numerous
people by themselves and for themselves, (Valsiner from volume 44 of Human
Development; "Process Structure of Semiotic Mediation in Human
Development"). This role playing can be within the context of a group or on
an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps, if you will, the
personality a person portrays can be captured within the "ideal" as a
commodity that is carried around. Think of the following phrases:

"That person's bark is worse then their bite."
"He wears his heart on his sleeve."
"Say something nice to Eric and you will get anything you want."
"Sign up for Professor Cole's classes and get him talking about his trips
to Africa, it'll be a sure A."

Personality surely develops as a social formation but once formulated I do
not believe it is only a social entity that results from group activity.
Human personality is far more sophisticated then being able to be whittled
down to the social and cultural interactions a person has in their life.

More ideas to explore, I hope.


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I believe what Sasha meant was the genetic, or developmental aspect as
opposed to the functional one. So, the answer would be: one might have
personality being all alone (functional level), however, personality
emerges only through interaction between human beings (genetic, or
developmental level of description).

...Anyway, Sasha will definitely respond better to this.

--- wrote:

> Sasha:
> You wrote:
> Human personality appears only in case when
> (minimum) two human beings are solving a common objective task in other
> words they conjointly act against their common object and realize it in
> active hand in hand and in the same time contradictory interaction.
> So. . .I have no personality when I am by myself?????
> eric
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