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From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at>
Date: Sun Jul 22 2007 - 17:09:10 PDT

You are up late, Peter.
I am not certain of the question, but I am very interested in the question
of definitions (covert theories?) of technology.
So, we go to the OED and we learn: Greek technology is the systematic
treatment (of grammar, etc.), and art, craft.

So, its the logic of arts, crafts, and systematic treatments of some domain?
This seems to fit geology and what geologists as craftspeople do. What is
the difference you are seeing?

I think some contrasts with other words from greek, like theory, are

Theory .greek . a looking at, viewing, contemplation, speculation, theory,
also a sight, a spectacle, spectator, looker on (So the spectators at a
play were theorists (spectators, contemplators, not doers, like the
craftspeople on the stage?)

Praxis (greek again) Action or practice; *spec.* the practice or exercise
of a technical subject or art, as distinct from the theory of it.

So the spectators at a play were theorists and the actors were
systematically practicing their art/craft (technology).

As to unlearning. No idea about the addition literature. But in the old
fashioned experimental psychology/learning/memory literature there are
various places to look. Two come quickly to mind but I am sure others can
contribute a bunch.

"extinction" from Pavlov, Skinner, behaviorists.
"deliberate forgetting" from Bjork and others.

Bon nuit

Gotta love them THREE term relations!

On 7/22/07, peter jones <> wrote:
> Hi all
> I wonder if I could please put two queries your way...?
> There are of course several definitions of 'technology', but focusing on
> the 'logy' study of definition - compared with other 'ologies' technology
> seems unique? Is this due to the art-sciences co-dependency, technologies
> ubiquity....?
> We don't seem to speak of other 'logies' (biology, geology, histology....)
> as we do technology?
> This biology is playing up (which may well be the case)!
> Geology never lasts long!
> Is anyone aware of any specific papers considering this? Or am I tricking
> myself...?
> Secondly, are there any key papers on 'unlearning' vs 'learning'. Within
> and without the addiction literature.
> Many thanks in advance for your thoughts...
> Peter Jones
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