Re: [xmca] Techno logy - word use compared with other 'logies'

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Date: Sun Jul 22 2007 - 16:45:01 PDT

Hi all I wonder if I could please put two queries your way...? There are of course several definitions of 'technology', but focusing on the 'logy' study of definition - compared with other 'ologies' technology seems unique? Is this due to the art-sciences co-dependency, technologies ubiquity....? We don't seem to speak of other 'logies' (biology, geology, histology....) as we do technology? This biology is playing up (which may well be the case)! Geology never lasts long! Is anyone aware of any specific papers considering this? Or am I tricking myself...? Secondly, are there any key papers on 'unlearning' vs 'learning'. Within and without the addiction literature. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts... Peter Jones Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model h2cm: help2Cmore - help-2-listen - help-2-care ___________________________________________________________ Yahoo! Mail is the world's favourite email. Don't settle for less, sign up for your free account today*
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