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Like the 7up series, but here focusing on school (in 3 year intervals):


"Back to School is the second installment of Time for School, the
multi-year project launched in 2003 when Wide Angle profiled seven
children in seven countries Afghanistan, Benin, Brazil, India,
Japan, Kenya, and Romania starting their first year of school, often
despite great odds. Returning in 2006, we find that some are already
hanging onto their enrollment by a thread. Thirteen-year-old Neeraj
attends a special night school so she can work during the day, but
extended trips to graze the livestock have arrested her progress. In
Benin, Nanavi is the first girl from her family to enroll in school,
but her father's death has made it difficult to afford the chalk and
supplies. With over 100 million children around the globe out of
school, Back to School puts a human face on an issue with profound
consequences for global development."
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