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From: Anton Yasnitsky <the_yasya who-is-at>
Date: Thu Jul 05 2007 - 13:33:06 PDT

Great, Bella, this is really interesting: thank you very much!

Just a small corrigendum:

"in December 1995 J.Bruner visited Luria in Moscow" - you most certainly
meant "in December 1975", I believe, right?

--- bella kotik <> wrote:

> Dear David,
> I found you thoughts provoked by my paper really interesting and I have
> to
> think more about your ideas.
> I do not know where exactly you found that
> " *in the sixties, did Luria play around with the idea that Chomsky's
> "deep
> structures" were located in the brain?".*
> but I felt immediately that something here sound strange. First Luria
> always
> stressed the general approach to HPF "not localised or located, bur
> organized Systemically- Dynamically".
> Also my feeling was based on a vivid memory of the following event: in
> December 1995 J.Bruner visited Luria in Moscow (for a week I was his
> secretary, guide and translator and he told me that he came especially
> and
> mainly to see Alexander Romanovich). I had to translate his lecture.
> Bruner
> started the lecture with the following words: "I want to start with an
> obituary *(here I hesitated because I did not know this word and Luria
> decided to translate himself and continued)* this is not an obituary for
> my
> dear friend Noam Chomsky whom I wish long and happy life, but for his
> dying
> theory. And Here at the Moscow University, among Vygotsky's followers I
> find the best and understanding audience"- from that moment Luria
> continued
> to interpret the rest of the lecture. Actually it was a parallel
> lecture- he
> not just translated, but explained every point.
> I understand that memoirs and intuition is not enough to defend thesis
> that
> while Luria appreciated Chomsky's role in development of linguistics, he
> had
> a negative attitude towards his attempts to interpret relations between
> language and cognition. So I found his paper about Chomsky in Russian
> and
> thanks to Internet found that it was published also in English
> LURIA A.R. 1975. Scientific perspectives and philosophical dead ends in
> modern linguistics. *Cognition *3/4 377.
> It is not sixties, but Luria. I will not start citing, please read it.
> Sincerely yours Bella Kotik-Friedgut
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