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Dear David,
I found you thoughts provoked by my paper really interesting and I have to
think more about your ideas.
I do not know where exactly you found that
 " *in the sixties, did Luria play around with the idea that Chomsky's "deep
structures" were located in the brain?".*
but I felt immediately that something here sound strange. First Luria always
stressed the general approach to HPF "not localised or located, bur
organized Systemically- Dynamically".
 Also my feeling was based on a vivid memory of the following event: in
December 1995 J.Bruner visited Luria in Moscow (for a week I was his
secretary, guide and translator and he told me that he came especially and
mainly to see Alexander Romanovich). I had to translate his lecture. Bruner
started the lecture with the following words: "I want to start with an
obituary *(here I hesitated because I did not know this word and Luria
decided to translate himself and continued)* this is not an obituary for my
dear friend Noam Chomsky whom I wish long and happy life, but for his dying
theory. And Here at the Moscow University, among Vygotsky's followers I
find the best and understanding audience"- from that moment Luria continued
to interpret the rest of the lecture. Actually it was a parallel lecture- he
not just translated, but explained every point.
I understand that memoirs and intuition is not enough to defend thesis that
while Luria appreciated Chomsky's role in development of linguistics, he had
a negative attitude towards his attempts to interpret relations between
language and cognition. So I found his paper about Chomsky in Russian and
thanks to Internet found that it was published also in English

LURIA A.R. 1975. Scientific perspectives and philosophical dead ends in
modern linguistics. *Cognition *3/4 377.
It is not sixties, but Luria. I will not start citing, please read it.

Sincerely yours Bella Kotik-Friedgut
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