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Date: Thu Mar 29 2007 - 19:16:56 PST

Not a surprise, indeed. Pinker loves to gain publicity by criticizing
an invented enemy, which is the supposedly leftist social science. (I
wonder if that discipline ever existed.) The world is going to hell,
thousands are displaced, killed and tortured everywhere, and
evolutionary psychologists keep talking from the ivory tower about
the innate organization of mental life. The world is too nasty I
guess for such a sophisticated science. On the other hand, if you
want to get a glimpse of how a psychology without culture looks then
read Pinker. I always wonder why such a psychology is so popular
these days when culturally induced tragedies are so common. And why
there are so many young brilliant minds so easily captured by it
whereas universities keep selling this discipline as a cutting-edge
one. Any convincing analysis? Meanwhile, while they say we are
getting more civilized people killed in Iraq surpassed the 60
thousand ( How many more would have to die
before it stops? And, alas, who remembers Darfur? (http:// What a disgraceful science!


On Mar 29, 2007, at 8:27 PM, Mike Cole wrote:

> False premises lead nowhere except to headlines.
> What chutzpah!
> mike
> On 3/29/07, Phil Chappell <> wrote:
>> Steven Pinker writes a piece claiming the "leftist anthropologists'
>> celebration of the noble savage" was mistaken and that we are
>> becoming a much less violent species. Whilst referring to interesting
>> data, and more "interesting" explanations, Pinker hedges toward
>> celebrating our current peaceful state...rather a worry.
>> Phil
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