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Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 07:57:41 PST

I can see people are already looking at the photos of the blocks for
double stimulation task.
Here are some useful tips for using a wiki:

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It is quite fun and maybe a good tool for sharing information on a
single topic in one place. -- one can also add links to different
postings on the XMCA!!)


> Hi:
> I created a wiki with pictures of the blocks we made as graduate
> students and used for studying effects of the double stimulation task
> You are welcome to see it, at
> I will soon create a another page with the details of the protocols we
> used, but I don't have any preserved actual transcripts from that time.
> I am giving you full access to add pages and comments, post more
> pictures or pose questions.
> I included Shirley's technical description of the blocks, and already
> saw a small difference in labeling some and in the colors used...
> Maybe we can make a collection of different sets here and different
> protocols as well as some transcripts??
> What do you think??
> Ana


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