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Date: Mon Feb 26 2007 - 12:33:57 PST

Hello XMCA,

please ignore that last e-mail. that was not meant to be sent to everyone
(my terrible e-mail skills have just been exposed!). Except perhaps the
PS. So, I might as well just get out there and ask you all my question:

I was doing a little searching online to get some details about activity
theory and its applications, and I ran across some interesting connections
people were making between architecture and the ideas of Leont'ev and
Wertsch about activity. I was wondering if other people have run across
such connections? if so, are there any articles or areas of research
people can point me to?

I found a little bit on the AIA website (the american institute of
architects). But I would also really like to know if people not from the
U.S. know of similar discussions.

Thanks so much,

> Hi Mike,
> Thank you for letting me take the space I needed to start recovering from
> last week. I really appreciate your kindness and flexibility. It sure
> makes getting throug this year so much easier!!
> I've attached my paper from last week. and as soon as I find time (of
> just plain make it), I'll be in to bug you about the reading for which I
> missed class discussion.
> thanks again,
> Katrina
> ps - I have a question I was thinking of posing on xmca (looking at the
> connection between architecture and theories of activity). is that okay?
> or would you rather we just add to
> discussions?_______________________________________________
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