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    I don't happen to think so (this is Anne Rawls' gloss). I do know
that, in this book and at the time it was written, Garfinkel was
trying to distance himself somewhat from pragmatism and
phenomenology. I think what Rawls (and Garfinkel) may be trying to
say here is that getting into such discussions is, from Garfinkel's
perspective, a mistake (which doesn't mean it is wrong) since for him
what is primary is, to quote you here, the "incorporation of natural
entities into social practices that enables them to present
themselves to us *as* objects of a particular kind." In any case, I
was wondering whether what ethnomethodologists are up to could be
considered contemporary empirical research in the sense Mike asked it.
    Oh, my interest in enthomethodology is largely because it has,
more or less, the structure of a third person phenomenology (I'm sure
Garfinkel would object to such a characterization) and I've been
thinking for awhile about what a third person hermeneutic
phenomenology would look like (Ihde seems to address this somewhat).


>Are these two necessarily - direct relation between perceiver and object of
>perception; actor's location in social practices - in opposition? I am
>thinking of Bakhurst's articulation of 'radical realism' in his book
>'Consciousness and revolution in Soviet Philosophy.' In contrast to
>'conservative realism,' in which the mind is assumed to form 'reflections,'
>representations or images of the external world, in 'radical realism' mind
>is assumed to be *in* the world, knowing reality directly. But it is the
>incorporation of natural entities into social practices that enables them to
>present themselves to us *as* objects of a particular kind.
>On 2/17/07 7:51 PM, "Ed Wall" <> wrote:
>> Thus, treating the relationship between a perceiver
>> and an object of perception as a primary reality, as James did, is
>> from Garfinkel's perspective a mistake. The possibility of perceiving
>> objects as "objects of a sort" depends on the actor's location in a
>> social organization and their commitment to the situated expectations
>> belonging to that location.
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