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Dear David and all,
Actually as long as wee all agree which pole is the the Pole of
Abstraction and Generalization and which one the Pole of Concrete
Experience, it does not matter. I think I was influenced by the
standard, probably positivist schema of "abstract" being somehow
"above", "lifted" off the "ground". But if you think of the Hegelian
"Ascending to the Concrete" then we can imagine it with concrete in the
Also, why do we see "North" as "Up"? Just the way we all get to see the
maps. It really is just a convention.

The sketch was drawn by me, long time ago, as I was reading Vygotsky's
Thought and Language for the first time. I needed to visualize his
explanation. I liked it very much at the time, but, in the meantime, I
found a different way to talk about processes of "northerly" or
"southerly" movements (to use your expressions)
You are welcome to use the illustration in your article. Just give me a
small credit. And you need to have it drawn more professionally. Mine is
just a hand sketch. Also, you may use any other concepts as the
illustration of the points you want to make. I just wanted to have one
"concrete" object (dog) and two rather complex and non material concepts
which both can be experienced (lived through) but but are concepts of
different scopes and dimensions (war and jazz).


David Kellogg wrote:
> Dear Ana:
> Sorry about that! I'm always getting right and left mixed up, and now I've upended North and South to boot.
> Your mail said that the sketch was in the margin of your copy of Vygotsky's Collected. If you DIDN'T draw the sketch, who did? I was thinking of stealing it for an article, actually.
> David Kellogg
> Seoul National University of Education
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